To the cursed lovers,

Lets cook up a fantasy tonight,

Albeit only for a little while.

Let us hold it close to our hearts,

Let us not glue together all the pieces of us that were long broken apart.

Tonight, just for mere moments,

Let us not focus on the pennies or cents.

Count the blessings that we’ve got,

For the world is not known to give us a lot.

The soothing atmosphere,

As I hold my loved one near,

Whispering sweet nothings into his ears,

Wishing both of us could just stay here,


Alas forever is a concept unknown,

 Can’t find it within the laptops or phones.

Try as hard as you might,

These moments are inevitable to take flight.

But darling don’t forget,

Life is too short for regrets.

I’m lock with no keys,

Yet somehow you manage to open me.

Fool around, take the lead,

For you I’ll gladly bleed.

That’s the thing about a fantasy,

Anything and everything occurs with such ease.

We runaway to places we can’t even see,

For a while we just let it be.

As the fantasy is about to end,

We realize we have so much to mend.

The broken promises ; still unfulfilled,

The hollow words that had me thrilled.

Then sets in the calm,

Just before the harm.

The reality begins,

But we never do.


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