​In the movies and books they glorify and sugar coat the whole romance.

They depict one sided love with such creativity that it appears to be magical.

But reality sucks.Thepossibility of the other person liking you back is slim to none.

They show it as if the other person is your best friend ,ever present for you, making efforts as much as you make or even more than you. But that’s the thing you see, in real life it can never be like that.

In the movies they get scared thinking its only one sided , scared of getting hurt when they love each other and there’s no doubt they’re meant to be together.

The mundane life is far from this cooked up fantasy. You can’t separate emotions, you make all the efforts in the unrequited love , you are happy getting even a small portion of their attention, you mistake it for something else, something meaningful, deeper . You’re so blinded by it that you fail to see that you’re just 1 of the 100 hundred girls.

You open up ,share feelings and your every thought; in return hoping for the same, and getting even a chink is a victory for you.

You compromise when there’s nothing to be compromised. It sucks,big time.

So let it go.

Move on.

Believe in yourself

You are worth more than you think.

Don’t change or compromise for anyone.

The right person , if there’s even one , will come along and appreciate you for you !

Life is too short for living in denial.


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