And it begins, in the most enchanting way;

the doubts come first, because in this life something’s gotta give, can’t handle this much happiness ,can you?

Then the doubts turn into questions, always lingering on your mind, sitting on the edge of your tongue, and no matter what answers you get the suspicion never goes away.

Distance is the conclusion you can find, its temporary of course because you can’t survive each other, the forever type of love and such crap your mind feeds your heart, just to console it that nothing is going to change, this is a rough patch, you’ll get past stronger and more in love, as if that was possible.

The first three stages are gradual, slowly unfolding, and nothing you ever expecting, you take each stage as life hands it to you.

The last one is the hardest, hits you like a hurricane, right in the centre of your chest with no signs of injury. The final stage, goodbye, no more rough patches to go pass through, no troubles, no heartaches, no arguments, but no more him.

The things you thought were impossible, the challenges you thought would never come between you, the tough times we’d promised to get through; all of it mattered yet now it carries little meaning. Oh, how foolish are you to believe life won’t shower its sweet wrath on you?

It was irony at its best, you singing songs about forever, and me,writing about us thinking that our story once written would be eternal, penning us together would bind us as one, forever.  Oh what a foolish world !

Even the best of us can’t escape this mirage; making sandcastles look like fortresses of stone. A weak wind, a touch of hand to make it all disappear. Did we really mean so less to each other?

So many questions, no answers, wonder if you now have a problem with my inquisitiveness too. But I never intended for you to answer, for answering them would make it all real. So I sit down with my thoughts that tainted by the memories of you, me and what could’ve been.

I remember it as it were only yesterday, when I’d run to you to share even the tiniest moments of my day and you telling me how when you something beautiful, it reminded you of me. I never told you but those sweet little things you did unknowingly and unconsciously had the power to fill my darkest days and stormiest nights with light.

And now? now the only thing that passes between us is time. I wonder where it all got wrong isn’t love supposed to stand by it all?

And even right now as you read this, I know you’ll think that I’m writing this because of you, thats how little you know me now, because I write this all for my own sake.

My mind simply can’t accept this abrupt change, it needs to know the exact moment this storm began, what was the catalyst? could i have done something to prevent it from happening?

Oh, how there’s beauty in even the cruelest and heart shattering things, because after all it began in the most enchanting way

and then it just faded away!



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